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fix Dukes wnc plan

Duke Energy applied to replace the retiring Asheville coal plant with three gas units, and have stated their intent to make additional investments in solar and energy storage sometime in the future. While the investment in energy storage could be game-changing, the solar investments that Duke has outlined would be too small, and the gas investments that they’ve applied for now include a third natural gas unit that Duke energy has said won’t be needed until 2023.

This mix is likely to keep us reliant on fossil fuels for decades to come. This current plan is a missed opportunity and will keep us reliant on fossil fuels for decades to come instead of investing in energy efficiency that could lower all our bills and clean energy solutions that would bolster the clean energy economy.

The North Carolina Utilities Commission is asking for the public to comment on Duke's plan. Click "Participate" below to submit your comments to the North Carolina Utilities Commission by February 22.


Duke Energy has stated that it wants to avoid building a third natural gas unit by helping our communities use less electricity and use it smarter. By asking the commission to approve this extra unit now, Duke is betting against the success of these efforts.

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