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i-26 expansion comments

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is planning the expansion of I-26 through the heart of Asheville. The project includes three different sections (A,B, and C) from the I-40/I-240/I-26 interchange west of town up to the intersection of Broadway and 19/23 north of town. NCDOT’s expansion plans could cost upwards of $750 million, will reconfigure existing interchanges, will require taking dozens of homes and businesses and will disrupt residential neighborhoods. This is an enormously impactful project with different alternatives having varying degrees of negative impacts.

For years our community has said this project is too big, and inconsistent with the scale and character of Asheville and what people want: safe travel and improved transportation options that benefit residents and tourists alike, reconnected neighborhoods, minimal harm to our community and environment.

Call on NCDOT to ensure the least harmful plan for our neighborhoods, community and environment!

**Deadline extended through January 15, 2016

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